We believe that a strong, engaged community is the cornerstone of a rich and eventful gaming experience we're focused on creating. To nurture this, we have prepared an exciting line-up of events, challenges, and competitions, designed not just for fun, but also to encourage healthy competition among players. Participants can showcase the effectiveness of their renewable energy farms, with prizes awaiting those who rise to the top.

We believe in self-governance, which is why moderators are selected from among the most active and dedicated community members, allowing players to have a direct hand in shaping the game's growth and expansion. It fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility within the community, ensuring that the game evolves in a direction that resonates with our player base.

In line with our commitment to openness and player involvement, Electrowizy uses transparent coding, that opens the way for the creation of community mods and plugins, enabling players to tailor the game to their unique strategies and preferences.

Through these key principles, we aim to build not just a game, but a thriving community where every player's voice matters and every contribution is accepted and valued.

Learn more about our plans for the game's development and community expansion in our Roadmap:


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