Our plans for the next 5 quarters:

ElectroWizy GameFi RWA market, using gamification as a tool to expose Real World Assets to bigger crypto audiance. And, of course, make their management easier.

ElectroWizy continues to grow and expand and we feel the need to update our #Roadmap to make our plans more accurate for the current stage of development.

First of all, RWA related staking. It’s an essential part of our ecosystem which shows our ability to generate income from Real World Assets. We plan to release the first playable version of the game in Q3 2024, following up with minor and major updates throughout the year to polish it and give it more flavour. Additionally, you will soon see a lot of developers' notes, concept arts, game footage showcases and more popping up in our pages to warm you up before the game is released.

Secondly, the technical side, crucial for a project of this scale and ambition. We will heavily emphasise the technical side of the development in our future posts and we expect to bring it to reality in Q4 2024, along with our first RWA NFT collection.

Thirdly, community management. Our first marketing campaigns have already begun and we are building up to an active early community, engaged in an active discussion about the game’s future. We want our players to feel involved in the game and want every opinion to be heard and counted as the game continues to develop.

However, with our experience in Crypto projects, as well as in Game Development, we recognise that the regular revision of the plans and ETAs is crucial for building a healthy relationship with the community, which is why the roadmap will be updated every quarter of the year to accurately represent the development status.

The journey ahead is going to be full of exciting news, development notes and challenges to overcome and we are happy to invite you to join us on our path to building a better future.

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