Our in-game marketplace, built on Blockchain, serves as the vibrant trading hub of the game, where players can buy or sell lands, buildings, and crafting materials. With immense experience our team has in creating and supporting Blockchain game economies, the marketplace is carefully crafted to encourage player interactions with intuitive UI and easy access to any item you need.

As almost every item in the game, from the smallest crafting material to the most expansive land tile, is a unique, collectible NFT, they can be traded using our in-game cryptocurrency, $WIZY, making transactions smooth and integrated within the game's economy.

The marketplace features an array of filters, allowing players to navigate through the vast collection of items. Whether you're searching for a specific type of land, a generator of a particular rarity, or just browsing for potential additions to your energy farm, you will find what you need in just a few clicks.

The ElectroWizy marketplace is more than just a place to trade – it's an integral part of the game's community and economy, offering endless opportunities for growth, investment, and collection.

Learn more about our plans on managing the game's community and empowering it to self-governance:


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