⛈️In-Game Events

The game features a variety of different weather events that add layers of complexity and excitement to your energy farming experience. Each region in the game has its own unique weather patterns, ranging from sun eclipses and hurricanes to sandstorms and blizzards. These events are categorized into three levels of intensity, each affecting your energy farm in different ways.

Level 1 events may boost the efficiency of certain generators while slightly hindering others.

Level 2 events bring more substantial challenges, requiring repairs and temporary shutdowns of affected generators.

The most severe, Level 3 events, can cause significant damage, demanding complete rebuilding and clean-up efforts.

While the weather remains beyond your control, you can still predict certain weather events and make necessary preparations before it's too late. By subscribing to the Forecast service, players can receive predictions for upcoming weather events. These forecasts offer varying degrees of accuracy and time frames, from a general overview to a more precise regional forecast. However, accuracy is not guaranteed, adding an element of risk and decision-making to the gameplay.

To mitigate the impact of weather events based on the Forecast you receive, you will have to use a range of defensive options. Players can invest in insurance or specific upgrades to shield their energy farms from potential damage. These defenses need to be timed wisely, as setting them up takes hours and their effectiveness varies based on the type and intensity of the impending weather event. The decision to defend your farm is a strategic gamble - protection comes at a cost, and a miscalculated forecast can mean resources spent in vain.

Apart from the weather, your farm can suffer from technical events, like short circuits in your network and hardware breakdowns. Just as with the Weather events, there are different ways to protect yourself from technical issues, like upgrading your equipment to reduce the breakdown chance and setting up special buildings to avoid losing all your stored power in case of a short circuit.

This gameplay element not only adds depth to your energy management strategy but also mirrors the real-world challenges of adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate variability on renewable energy sources.

Once you get your farm up and running and protected from the weather, be ready to step in the Energy Market to make your defenses earn their keep.

Learn more about the energy market in ElectroWizy and how it uses Supply&Demand mechanics to make the game's economy more thoughtful and realistic:

📈Energy Market

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