📈Energy Market

Once you start receiving your first power, it's time to engage in a sophisticated in-game energy market, which turns the power produced by your farms into the game's token, $WIZY. The key to this exchange is the Distribution Station, a critical building in your energy network that acts as your gateway to the energy market.

The Distribution Station functions much like a real-world energy market, with an exchange rate influenced by a number of factors, like demand and supply. When many players exchange their power simultaneously, the rate adjusts downwards, reflecting a real market scenario where excess supply leads to lower prices.

The same works for times when the energy demand draws higher than supply, like after major weather events, driving the exchange rates higher than average and significantly boosting profits for those who hoarded and protected their power reserves during the unrest.

This approach encourages players to strategize and determine the best time to save their energy reserves, taking into account their batteries' storage capacity and self-discharge, and when to cash out. By carefully monitoring market trends and storing energy, players can wait for the best moments to sell, maximizing their earnings in $WIZY.

This mechanism not only makes the energy market in Electrowizy more realistic, but also encourages players to pay a closer interest to the details of the game's economy.

But waiting for the best opportunity to sell your energy is not the only option to increase your farm's output. Sometimes it's better to reinvest and upgrade your hardware to increase your profits in the long run.

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