🏗️Building Your Network

Once you have your very own piece of land it's time to set up your new energy farm. There are dozens of unique building types in the game, each of them contributing to your farm's effectiveness, but there are several of them that form the minimum requirements to start your new farm:

  • at least 1 Generator (your RWA Related NFT)

  • Inverter

  • Control Center

  • Batteries or a Storage Facility

  • Distribution Station

You can acquire the required equipment through individual building purchases, bundled deals, or mystery boxes. Each building type is essential and comes with its own maintenance costs, resource requirements, and capacity limits. For example, a single inverter can only support a limited number of solar panels, creating the need for a careful planning and resource allocation.

Your RWA Related NFT Generators make the heart of your energy farm. Players can choose from solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric stations, geothermal units, wave energy collectors, and potentially even atomic and biogas generators, with each generator type offering unique features and allowing to set up different strategies in how you gather your energy.

After you choose your generator type, you're going to need vital control buildings like inverters, which determine the efficiency of energy transfer to storage, and distribution stations for managing power output.

Every building is characterized by a blend of general and unique attributes. General characteristics, applicable to all generator types, include efficiency, working conditions, durability, and size.

Efficiency dictates the power output, while working conditions specify the weather scenarios in which the generator functions effectively.

Durability reflects the estimated lifespan of the building and is affected by time and external factors like weather events.

Size, measured in cells, determines the spatial requirements for installation.

Unique characteristics, specific to each type of hardware, like the Wind Turbine's wind sensitivity, further differentiate the buildings, allowing for a flexible energy farming experience.

Each building in Electrowizy is a unique NFT, offering five levels of rarity – from Common to Artifact, which influence the building's performance and potential for upgrades. As buildings accumulate experience, players can enhance their capabilities, shaping your energy farm according to your personal strategy.

After building your energy farm, you will encounter a plethora of in-game events that can either increase your buildings' output or shut them down completely. To build a stable and long-lasting farm, you will have to predict and be prepared to protect your farm from these events.

Learn more about the in-game events and how to prepare and protect your farm from its impact:

⛈️In-Game Events

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