ElectroWizy is a gamified RWA management platform, it's an ecosystem of mutually integrated products that enhance each other's performance.

For instance, participating in our Staking program provides bonuses depending on the amount of staked tokens. These bonuses range from single-use vouchers to constant modifiers for your energy farm.

Here's a few examples of bonuses you can receive for using our Staking program:

  • Discounts on consumables in our Marketplace

  • Discounts on Trending items in our Marketplace

  • Single time rewards, like WIZY Box or specific NFTs

  • Access to extra in-game features

  • Early access to the game's updates

  • In-game bonuses for production increase or protection from in-game events

And even more to come in the future.

We are also working on creating API for third-party developers to allow our community to improve the ecosystem by being a part of it, and the best community modifications will also receive bonuses from our team for their contribution to the WIZY ecosystem.

With all of these steps, ElectroWizy becomes more than just one product, building an interconnected network of products aimed to improve access to RWA and renewable energy assets for all users.

Staking is one of the key elements in this ecosystem and you can read more about how we plan to implement it on the next page:


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