First thing you see logging into the game for the first time is the World Map from which you can see all Land Tiles there are in the game.

Every Land Tile is unique and has a set of properties that will affect the effectiveness of your energy farm, like temperature, average annual sun hours, wind speed and elevation. Just like in our world, some areas are much more attractive for setting up your network than others, but you can't build all the networks at the same place.

That's why we have a great amount of unique Land Tiles, with every one of them being an NFT and having its owner, would it be other players, or us posing as regional governments of sorts.

Each Land Tile has its rarity, differentiating from Common to Artifact. The most rare Land Tiles have the most comfortable conditions and can fit a much larger energy farm than less rare ones.

First thing you need to do before setting up your energy farm is to buy it from our marketplace, carefully choosing it by rarity and unique properties. Once you do that, the construction can begin.

Learn more about how to build your network and establish your first energy farm:

🏗️Building Your Network

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