Staking is one of the key parts of ElectroWizy's strategy for increasing RWA accessibility.

While ElectroWizy builds a bridge between RWA and Web3 Gaming, we focus on improving interactions with the real world assets. One of the best ways to achieve it is to increase our Total Value Locked (TVL), which, in its turn, is greatly increased by Staking.

Our key difference from other Staking programs is our reliance on RWA performance as the main income generation source.

By participating in our Staking program, user will not only get stable and reliable payments from their stakes, but also receive various bonuses from ElectroWizy Ecosystem, like discounts on NFT positions in our Marketplace and production increase for the users' in-game energy farms.

Unlike other RWA Stakings, we don't require verification procedures to start, increasing accessibility to the ecosystem we've built.

The Staking program, just like many other products in our ecosystem, is made possible by our partnerships with RWA providers and Blockchain companies around the world. Read the next page to learn more about them:


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