Electrowizy provides a unique gaming experience, intersecting strategy, sustainability, and blockchain technology into a complex energy business simulator.

At its core, Electrowizy is about building and managing your own renewable energy farm. Carefully choosing from unique land tiles, each bringing its own challenges and advantages, players set up their energy farm using generators, batteries and supportive buildings, each a unique NFT. From solar panels to complex control centers, every building impacts your energy production and farm efficiency.

Unpredictable weather events challenge players to adapt and strategize in real-time. These dynamic conditions, combined with a realistic energy market, where players trade the power they've generated for the game's cryptocurrency, $WIZY, makes the game closer to real world energy markets and invites players to deeper engage with the game's layered economy.

Interacting with other players is a crucial part of the game, and our integrated blockchain-based marketplace is a hive of activity, connecting all players and enabling them to trade lands, buildings, and materials.

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